More Than a Princess

By Shaista Pabla, $19.95

Feels Good to Be Kind

By Khalilah Brooks, 19.95, Second Edition

The Key to Happiness: A Journey to Embracing My Story (YA)

By Ashley-Ann Pereira, $17.95

There Is a God

By Shakara Andem, $11.99

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Works from Upon A Star Books Inc.:

The Little Girl Bride & Her Ponies

By Chantel Paris, 14.99

Feels Good to Be Kind

By Khalilah Brooks, 19.95, First Edition

What If the World Had No Colour?

By Jessica Alex, 12.99


I Love You, Grandma!

By Sheila Mitchell, $15.00

Beyond the Next Horizon

By Gi Gi Mac, $10.95

*MARTY Award-Winner*

The Rake

By Peter Whelan, $15.00

Ken & the Spider

By Kandace Brown, $20.00

2017 Titles

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

By Francene Manning, $10.99

Oliver & the Octo-Helmet

By Aaron Chan, $11.99

Peregrine Falcons in the Concrete Kingdom

By Jon Triffo, $14.99

2014 Titles

Candace's Big Fight

By Jessica Alex, $12.99

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2016 Titles

2015 Titles