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“When I met my publisher Jessica, I knew that I had met someone who was willing to work with me, by taking me through the various avenues that would eventually lead to my book being published. Honestly, most of my fears subsided as I progressed. My knowledge of the world of publishing also increased, and today, I am very confident.

The launching of my book, I Love You, Grandma! on September 17th, was a huge success. Family and friends came out to offer their support. Jessica Alex, my publisher, went above and beyond her call of duty to make sure that everything went as planned. Her expertise in creating the "right" atmosphere was highlighted through the location of the event. The entertainment was also well chosen. Great work Jessica!”
 – Author Sheila Mitchell, Toronto, I Love You, Grandma!

Jessica Alex is a classic, professional, one-of-a-kind, hardworking, honest, passionate individual who puts your dream-vision into reality! I had an impossible deadline for the publishing of my book for a trade show and she made the impossible, possible! Even today, many months after my book met the deadline, she is still working behind the scenes making sure my book gets the exposure it needs (putting as much importance on it as it means to me). I will always have a deep respect for Jessica Alex, the Wonder Woman in disguise!!
- Author Chantel Paris, Calgary, The Little Girl Bride & Her Ponies

 I wrote a book and had it illustrated. I let it sit on my hard drive for two years without doing a single thing with it. A trusted  friend introduced me to Jessica Alex of Upon A Star Books. Less than 2 months later, I happily held in my hands a  professionally edited copy of my book "The Rake". Jessica's encouragement and professionalism got the job done. I  encourage you to give her a chance to help you too.
 - Peter Whelan, GTA, The Rake