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Drew Maunula is a traditional artist with a background in animation. He has worked on various kids shows and animated films and is very passionate about the visual development of a story. He’s had the opportunity to work with all sorts of clients worldwide and loves using his various artistic styles to bring each client’s ideas to life. 

1. What is your favourite hobby?

When I’m not drawing, you’ll usually find me playing guitar or piano. I love writing music and it’s another outlet to express my creativity.

2. What was your favourite book growing up?
I don’t think I have just one favourite book. I know growing up I had a huge collection of the Disney books which I read many, many times. I’m a huge Disney fan so if there was any kind of Disney book around me I was probably reading it. Even as I’m older now I love collecting all the “Art of” books and they’re a huge inspiration for my own art.

3. Favourite art styles?
Oh that’s a tricky one cause there are so many styles and artists that really have inspired me. I really love the Disney style, it’s very loose and flowing. It’s so visually appealing and they really know how to capture the personality in a character with such simplicity. Some of the illustrators that have inspired me over the years are guys such as Denis Zilber, Chris Sanders, Otto Schmidt, and Sean Galloway to name a few.

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